Cheap Hotels in Paris

My Story

I went to Paris last July (2015) and that was definitely my best travel experience ever. I only wish I had more time there. France is one of the stunning places you will ever visit and Paris being the capital city is the fashion capital of the world with stunning places to see along with medieval cities. Those were the most defining years of my life and have shaped me to the person I am today. You need money to enjoy the endless possibilities of the city, museums, theaters, restaurants, shops, and good housing. If you don’t have that much money, it gets a little tricky, I have some Pakistani friends who live in Paris, I had originally chosen! the area around Rue Montorgueil is so beautiful it gave me the chance to fall in love with Paris, I booked a train the next day and went on a tour of city and their underground metro train system is the best in the world, number one rule in paris is, when you see an open courtyard you go in, that time I didn’t have enough money to buy a good camera, just a small mobile phone later on I lost my phone so pictures also lost with that.

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